Ketamine drug test – DrugWipe® 6S

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    Ketamine drug test – DrugWipe® 6S

    Ketamine drug test – DrugWipe® 6S

    New saliva test for popular party drug:

    Ketamine is not a new drug, and the misuse of this substance as an intoxicant has been spreading outside of Asia for many years. In Europe, too, this party drug is regarded as a less expensive and supposedly harmless alternative to cocaine. Selling at a price of 30 euros per ampoule or 40 euros per gramme, ketamine is indeed much cheaper1.

    While customs seizures2 and the EU Drug Report 2012 provide clear evidence of the prevalence of this drug, no suitable quick screening tests for the specific detection of ketamine have been available until now. This is why Securetec has now developed a new saliva test, the DrugWipe® 6 S Ketamine multi-test. To the best of our knowledge, confirmation analysis using a blood sample is the generally established method.

    Key features of the new quick screening test:

    • Fast test results: Results can be interpreted in 3 to 8 minutes max.
    • Developed as a reliable, highly sensitive saliva test
    • Detects the following drug groups: Cannabis, amphetamines/methamphetamines, ketamine, cocaine, opiates
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    Ketamine – one of the top-ten most dangerous illegal drugs

    Ketamine is among the top-ten most dangerous illegal drugs3. Users are at risk of suffering serious side-effects, such as paralysis, anxiety states and psychosis. Consumption of this drug is associated with potential addiction and permanent damage to health. Users may also put other people at risk, not least due to their impaired ability to drive.

    In North America, and in Canada in particular, ketamine has represented a huge problem for police and security forces for many years. The substance is popular, widely distributed and readily available. Recent reports on the effectiveness of ketamine in treating depression have contributed to the positive image enjoyed by this drug4.

    Use of ketamine in medicine

    Ketamine is a prescription drug used in human and veterinary medicine as an anaesthetic and for pain management.
    The characteristic effects of ketamine are to induce sleep and provide relief from pain.

    Outside of medical settings, ketamine is sold as a white powder and abused as an intoxicant. Ketamine is predominantly distributed throughout the techno scene, where it is known as “K”, “Kate”, “Special K” or “Vitamin K”.

    Like cocaine, it is usually snorted as powder. Injecting the substance via needles increases its intoxicating effects, but also the associated health risks.


    Here you can get more information about the Ketamine drug test.


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