Drug test product overview

Drug test - at a glance

Securetec delivers optimal support for efficient drug screening. Our customers particularly value DrugWipe® drug test for easy handling and the unique design for minimal sample volume. DrugWipe® rapid drug tests are currently used on every continent in over 30 countries worldwide (see Milestones), contributing to greater road traffic safety and detection of drug driving.

Drug test DrugWipe® product benefits:

· Certainty in detection of consumption: overall reliability greater than 95%
· Faster test results: analysis in 3 to maximum of 8 minutes
· Easy to read: distinctive test lines appear in cases of drug use

Product range of drug tests and system solutions for drug detection:

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  • Combined Saliva
  • drug surface test
  • Saliva
  • Surface
  • Sweat

Drug screening test DrugWipe® A

DrugWipe® A drug test can be used for trace detection on all surfaces and also to verify drug consumption.

Drug surface test DrugWipe® F

Drug handling or trafficking leaves traces. DrugWipe® F drug test can be used for drug screening on a wide range of surfaces.

Saliva drug test DrugWipe® S

Fast results: Reduced testing time Analysis in 5 minutes

Additional rapid screening tests

Our product range offers the well-known dip, pipette and cup test formats for detecting drugs. These are particularly suitable for detecting long-term drug use. To detect whether someone is currently under the influence of drugs, for example while driving a vehicle, we recommend the saliva test. This is because urine tests will show a positive result even for drugs consumed several days earlier.

Unknown substances such as cocaine are detected rapidly and specifically by means of the DrugID® substance test.

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  • substance
  • Urine

DrugID® substance detection

Identification test for solids / liquids

D.TecT® Urin test

D.TecT® Urin test

System solution for drug detection

Based on our network of professional partner companies and institutions, we develop your customized test system jointly with you.

An instrument and detection system for detection of drugs or electronic evaluation of drug tests is listed below:

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  • Test

Device for drug detection WipeAlyser®

WipeAlyser®is a portable device for the detection of drugs in combination with DrugWipe®.