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We are manufacturer of the rapid drug screening test DrugWipe® used worldwide by police and customs and offer you 20 years of extensive development experience in lateral flow technology.

Cannabidiol – cannabis without the high
Roadside and Workplace Testing: We are manufacturer of the leading saliva drug test DrugWipe used by traffic safety, customs and drug enforcement authorities.
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June 18, 2019
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HGC Uned Plismona'r Ffyrdd/NWP Roads Policing Unit@NWPRPU
Uned Plismona'r Ffyrdd / Roads Policing Unit. Account not monitored 24 hours.Please do not use to report crime. In an emergency call 999 Non-emergency: 101
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@NWPRPU: We carry kits that can detect illegal drugs, making us more equipped than ever to take action against those who are putting themselves and the safety of others at risk.


#ChooseWisely #Fatal5 #NPCCSafeSummer #SaferRoads https://t.co/RpZbjTBg6g
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