Employee drug testing

Active steps to prevent addiction

A wide range of life situations may trigger changes in the behaviour of your employees. Individual signs do not automatically indicate a problem with alcohol, medication or drugs. However, the topic cannot be allowed to become a taboo and early intervention is essential.

Drug use in the workplace – noticing, understanding, taking action

Do you suspect that one of your employees could be addicted to drugs? You need to fulfil your duty of care and protect yourself and your workforce – especially if the person involved holds a potentially high-risk position. Under the provisions attached to German statutory accident insurance, the employer is responsible for ensuring that employees do not pose a risk to themselves or others. Employers are therefore obliged to prevent employees from working under the influence of drugs.

With our many years of experience in drug detection, we’ll be by your side to support you and provide you with detailed background information about the relevant criminal legislation, employment legislation and civil law matters.

We’ll also bring you up-to-date with trade association directives. Then you’ll have taken the first important steps to establish a foundation for entering into respectful dialogue with your employee. After all, you can only evaluate any irregularities in the employee’s attitude towards work and social behaviour by establishing a spirit of mutual trust and confidence.

Drug screening with the DrugWipe – fast, reliable and hygienic

Drug screening in the event of irregularities or new hires can serve as a useful enhancement of the general safety measures in place in your company.

We provide saliva tests to support objective detection in your workplace. This technology has been proving effective in police operations for decades. Once an appropriate agreement is in place and the person to be tested has given consent, a safety officer or company doctor can perform a drug test quickly, reliably and hygienically with the DrugWipe.

Securetec supports you with expertise, knowledge transfer and innovative rapid screening drug tests. We collaborate with you to develop and establish an addiction prevention concept – specially tailored to the needs of your company or institution. Training in the detection of drug consumption perfectly complements our extensive offering.

Attitude towards work and social behaviour Physical effects
Frequent absenteeism Problems with balance
Declining quality of work Slowed reactions
Increased risk-taking Constant tiredness
Aggression, irritability Sensitivity to light