D.TecT® Urin test



D.TecT® Urin test

Product range

The D.TecT® product range consists of the common dip, pipette and cup test formats for analysing urine samples quickly and reliably.

Detection of the Metabolites

Drugs are metabolized in the human body. The metabolites are distributed into the urine and can be detected here with the help of specific reagents (antibodies) used in the D.TecT® tests. Urine is a suitable commodity for the detection of drug consumption in the past hours or days.

Urine testing versus saliva testing

A positive result in urine is not necessarily proof of current impairment but does imply an attitude and behaviour towards irresponsibly taking drugs and driving or coming to work while potentially impaired. Additionally DrugWipe® saliva tests are available for the detection of current unfitness to work and drive.

Art.No.Product name & usagePackage
UI22155 parameters Dip Test


25 tests
UI22055 parameters Dip Test


25 tests

Art.No.Product name & usagePackage
UI23055 parameter Cassette Test

(AMP1000 / COC300 / THC50) (MET1000) (MOP300)

25 tests

Art.No.Product name & usagePackage
UI24055 parameter Cup Test

COC300 / MOP300 / AMP1000 / MET1000 / THC50

25 tests

Only for sale in complete packaging units.

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