Rapid screening tests for early diagnosis in military medicine

Safety and active protection

Today, both our personal and public safety are exposed to numerous threats. To ensure effective protection against these threats, we must be able to assess them quickly and accurately. If we do not have the means and technology to identify hazards, we do not have the capacity to protect ourselves. We may respond inappropriately, too slowly, or inadequately, both as individuals and as a society.

Securetec AG has been providing products for the detection of addictive and dangerous substances to customers around the world since 1995. We are proud to play a part in contributing to personal and public safety.

Continuously developing new perspectives

Securetec has many years of experience in working with the public security sector, private-sector companies and researchers in the field of military medicine. Our core competencies are on-site testing systems, rapid screening tests suitable for use in the field, and the associated system expertise. We collaborate with many partners from science and industry on joint projects co-funded by the Germany Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and the EU, including solutions in ABC protection medicine.

In the area of point of care, Securetec has developed a mobile rapid screening test for medical emergencies in the field (CBRN).