DrugID® substance detection

Substanztest Kokain


DrugID® substance detection

Drug trafficking and pickups

During routine controls and other stop-and-search operations, unknown substances are discovered on a regular basis. A quick clarification of whether the substances found are narcotics is a necessity.

Rapid identification of cocaine

The DrugID® substance test is a proven means of support as it renders quick results at a low cost. The immunochemical rapid test offers high specificity and the ability to reliably detect even in case of low drug content. This allows a on-scene identification of unknown powder.

Product advantages

  • Simple handling and reduced effort for user training
  • Intuitive line appears for positive results
  • High reliability even in cases with a high amount of other substances and a low drug amount
  • Only a small amount of substance is required
  • Non-toxic, non-polluting and normal disposal


The Securetec DrugID® identification test also supports the requirements of occupational safety and reduces possible health risk for the field officers. The risk of contamination of workspaces, vehicles and personnel is low.

The following single test kit is available (1 unit = 25 tests):

DrugID® Cocaine, Art. No. ID-06-COC

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