Drug Squad and forensic solutions

Patrols and suspicious situations

Another area of application is the drug screening of prisoners and those on probation.

Here, too, the DrugWipe® A wipe test is an important tool for detecting the possession, trafficking and consumption of illegal substances and for supporting rehabilitation. Officials can use the device quickly, easily and reliably to investigate suspicious cases. Sweat and saliva tests are not humiliating interventions like urine tests, and they are significantly more hygienic for both parties to use.

There is a DrugWipe® A wipe test for each of the globally dominant classes of drugs. These tests offer several distinct advantages to officers seeking to detect traces or gather evidence.

Drug screening for prisoners and parolees – benefits of the DrugWipe® wipe test

  • Test results after just 3-8 minutes
  • Reliable detection of up to 5 substances in a single test
  • Samples are taken simply and hygienically
  • Reliable detection based on highly specific antibodies
  • Targeted process enables clear and unique assignment of any drugs detected to a specific person

In everyday random checks, the wipe test helps confirm initial suspicions hygienically, quickly and cost-effectively. The DrugWipe® A wipe test detects residues of drugs that are invisible to the human eye. Traces of drugs on mobile phones, steering wheels, bags or other surfaces can be detected accurately within just 8 minutes. The trouser pocket test with its compact design can easily be transported by officers in the police car.


The number of traffic accidents caused by drug driving is on the rise. The DrugWipe® A wipe test supports the forensic investigation of the causes of accidents.
If a vehicle tests positive in a contamination test, additional testing of the person who caused the accident can be initiated.


The range of drugs being consumed is constantly changing and new psychoactive substances are coming onto the market. These are manufactured and put into circulation by illegal drug labs in Europe. In 2018, 23 MDMA laboratories were discovered in countries including Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands, as well as heroin laboratories in Eastern Europe, Spain and the Netherlands.1 In addition, the seizure of more than 3 million cannabis plants in the EU in 2018 indicates that the drug is also being produced within this market.1

If illegal trafficking is suspected, forensic investigators can use the DrugWipe® F surface drug test with ease on any surface to detect drugs and confirm suspicions.

1 European Drug Report 2019/2020:  https://www.emcdda.europa.eu/system/files/attachments/13242/HighlightsEDR2020_EN_Final_web.pdf