The topic of compliance is a priority for us at Securetec Detektions-Systeme AG. We are explicitly committed to the principles of fair competition and to compliance with all applicable national and international legislation. In particular, we do not tolerate any forms of corruption, bribery or price-fixing. Moreover, we pride ourselves on the fact that Securetec never engages in business transactions that are in any way influenced or brought about by illegal practices. We also value highly the many people from different countries and cultures who work and collaborate with us and whose participation enriches us all. We reject and take consistent action against all forms of discrimination. Company management and executives act as role models for all employees in upholding these principles.

Whistleblower system

Our employees, customers, suppliers and other partners can access an anonymous external online portal to report significant violations of our Code of Conduct or other instances of non-compliance. This system is available in German and English. It enables confidential and specially encrypted dialogue with the Securetec Compliance department. Before accessing the system, please read our Data Privacy Statement (link to PDF).

We will carefully examine each case reported and take the appropriate action where required.