Device for drug detection WipeAlyser®


Analyser for drugwipe


is a portable device for the detection of drugs in combination with DrugWipe®. The WipeAlyser is ideal for roadside screening and drug screening in the workplace.

Sie sehen gerade einen Platzhalterinhalt von Standard. Um auf den eigentlichen Inhalt zuzugreifen, klicken Sie auf den Button unten. Bitte beachten Sie, dass dabei Daten an Drittanbieter weitergegeben werden.

Weitere Informationen

Functional design

Ergonomic for mobile use
Robust design with splash water protection

Easy to use

Intuitive navigation through the analysis process
Easy-to-operate thanks to touchscreen
Automatic date and location via GPS

Reliable results

Objective test results due to electronic analysis

Display High-resolution colour touch display
Compatibility DrugWipe 5 S, 6 S
Timer Automatic timer setting for each DrugWipe type
Suitability for use in the field Protected against splashes and jolts
Printer Integrated printer for quick documentation
Memory Internal memory for at least 1000 data records
Battery Autonomy due to long battery life; approx. 8 hours operating time
Temperature monitoring Integrated temperature sensor