DrugWipe® detects Croc

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    DrugWipe® detects Croc

    DrugWipe® detects Croc

    The drug Crocodile, called „Croc” for short, which has been well-known in Russia for some years, has now spilled over to Germany as well. More countries in Europe are affected. The drug’s active substance is desomorphine, an euphoriant morphine derivative from the group of opioids.

    Due to its high potential for addiction, in Germany the substance belongs to the non-marketable narcotics and is not used in medicinal products.
    In Russia, Croc is produced illegally from medicinal products containing codeine, which are sold over-the-counter there, and from several chemical substances such as red phosphor. Croc’s biggest potential danger lies in the toxic byproducts. These lead via severe irreversible tissue damage (open wounds, rupturing blood vessels), which often have very bad prospects of healing, sometimes even amputations are necessary.


    We performed tests with the substance desomorphine in our laboratory. DrugWipe® reliably indicates Croc consumption by means of the opiates test line. The GC-MS confirmation analysis is also able to securely prove that the drug is in the blood.

    Detection of driving under the influence of drugs, using DrugWipe® F surface test

    According to current statistics, every 7.5 hours a drug-related accident involving personal injuries is registered in Germany. A further fact is the steady drug consumption of 5% of the population, which has been known for years. Of young adults up to the age of 25 years, even 12.7% consumed drugs in the past 12 months.

    Driving under the influence of drugs is often not detected as such. In view of the widespread polydrug consumption of alcohol, medicinal products and drugs, experts therefore estimate a significant number of unknown cases of driving under the influence. In addition to the DrugWipe® S saliva test – which is often used preventively – police officers use the surface test DrugWipe® F after an accident has occurred. For example, it is not possible to take a saliva test from an injured driver, although – to clarify the question of guilt – it must be determined whether the driver was under the influence of drugs.

    Within the framework of on-site evidence collection, the wipe test DrugWipe® F may be used to determine up to 5 types of drugs. The surface test enables simple and safe collection of evidence of driving under the influence of drugs. Within a few minutes, DrugWipe® F delivers a reliable statement of whether the driver has left drug traces, for example on the steering wheel.

    We will be happy to provide further information to you personally. Apart from the full standard package sizes you can, of course, also order tests individually for trial purposes.


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