Roadpol, the European Roads Policing Network

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    Roadpol, the European Roads Policing Network
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    Roadpol, the European Roads Policing Network

    The goal is simple – reduce road deaths

    70 per day. That’s the average daily number of road deaths in Europe right now. And governments and dedicated non-governmental organisations are using various approaches to reduce this figure further. One of the most active organisations campaigning for greater road safety is Roadpol, the European Roads Policing Network.

    Roadpol replaces TISPOL as the network of traffic police forces operating throughout Europe. Roadpol aims to significantly reduce the number of deaths on European roads. Its flagship campaign is an annual event called “Safety Days”. It involves several campaigns that are run simultaneously across Europe to improve road safety.

    On the main day of this year’s campaign, 16 European countries recorded an impressive result of zero road fatalities. The other participating countries also showed positive results and the overall total of 35 fatalities was well below the average. 25 countries took part in this year’s campaign. According to campaign project manager, Tasos Ashikkis of the Cyprus Police: “Data shows that due to good road infrastructure and professional roads policing, Europe has achieved a lot. This does not mean we should be complacent, but on the contrary, we must continue to strive for fewer casualties”.


    Roadpol uses DrugWipe

    Roadpol has used DrugWipe for screening as part of its pan-European road safety campaigns, such as Operation Alcohol & Drugs in June 2021. The reliable rapid saliva screening test is ideal for mobile screening. DrugWipe was used again for the “Safety Days” campaign in September 2021.
    Most people who drive under the influence of drugs count on not getting caught. Roadpol campaigns convey a message to drivers that roadside drug screening is on the rise and that the tests used are very reliable. The use of DrugWipe provides sustainable support in this regard.
    Roadpol’s next alcohol and drug screening campaign is scheduled for December this year.

    Roadpol counts among its many supporters various organisations, individuals and companies, as well as the EU. Adina Valean, European Commissioner for Transport, aims to work with Roadpol to achieve the ambitious goal of zero deaths and zero serious injuries on European roads by 2050. Former racing driver Mika Häkkinen is also acting as a Roadpol ambassador to promote safer driving.

    Preventing pain and suffering is top of the agenda for Heinz-Albert Stumpen, General Secretary of Roadpol: “Traffic policing, more than any comparable field of activity, has the potential to successfully protect our citizens and communities.” A combination of various factors is required to make this happen. Tightening controls, improving equipment and enhancing the effectiveness of the police together represent one cornerstone of the approach. Educating drivers and collaborating closely with all stakeholders represent another.

    Securetec Detektions-Systeme AG has been striving to improve road safety and reduce road fatalities and injuries since 1995. The company has been selling rapid screening drug tests on an international level for more than 25 years. Verena Zimmerman, CEO of Securetec, says “We are proud to play an important role in contributing to personal and public health and safety on a global scale”.

    Roadpol honoured with safety award

    This year, Roadpol won the “Award for Excellence in Traffic Safety”, an internationally renowned policing prize presented by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), for the successes it has enjoyed in improving road safety. According to Roadpol president Volker Orben: “This award provides clear recognition of Roadpol as a leading policing organisation, not only in Europe but also on a global scale. It spurs us on in our ambition to be leaders in road traffic enforcement and a driving force for greater road safety”. The IACP has been striving for many years to promote leadership and professionalism in policing and is renowned for its commitment to improving road safety.

    Speicheltest DrugWipe S

    The DrugWipe® rapid saliva screening test is ideal for mobile use in roadside screening.