Client Study: Corporate alcohol and drug prevention

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    Client Study: Corporate alcohol and drug prevention
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    Client Study: Corporate alcohol and drug prevention

    Securetec talks with Mr Cado, head of Ithylo, about the best practices put in place to combat alcohol and drug risks in the workplace.

    Mr Cado, can you explain the customer solutions offered by your company in a few words?

    Our job is to support companies in managing their alcohol and drug risks. For this, we have 2 major intervention methods:
    • Suggesting our material so they can carry out their screenings in-house
    • Having the screenings carried out by our nursing staff

    In all cases, we provide follow-up and screening data reporting in accordance with each of our clients’ wishes. The 2nd option is usually preferred and nowadays we intervene throughout the land thanks to our network
    of nurses trained in our solutions and in screenings. Companies can thus ensure the safety and sobriety of their employees at the most sensitive sites.

    Do the companies that use you see other advantages in utilising your alcohol and drug prevention services?

    Our goal is to guarantee the legal framework and offer fast, efficient and competent services throughout France. Thanks to our network of experts, we are able to provide solutions that are practical, timely and tailored to reality and the constraints of the site. The flexibility and customisation of our services lets us tailor them to the needs associated with companies’ prevention strategies.

    Our clients set goals such as the frequency, priorities and extent of the prevention, and we provide reports of services rendered. We make our resources available, especially experts in the subject, the best technology
    currently on the market and innovative methods. The companies appreciate these out-of-the-box and custom solutions.

    Do the employees appreciate the benefits provided by the quality of your services and solutions?

    The employees are aware of the fact that drugs and alcohol are today the biggest source of accidents in hypersensitive jobs. To prevent accidents, everyone must be reassured and adopt good gestures and
    appropriate behaviour.

    Screening is extremely well thought of on the site when it is explained well beforehand and is part of a real preventive and kind approach by the company.

    The fact that we are an outside company that does not judge or take sides also makes it possible to carry out positive screening more calmly.

    This lets us put our finger on an actual situation, and it often happens that employees confide in us about their addictions and personal problems. Furthermore, 85% of people screened positive the first time are systematically negative thereafter! For us, screening is a pioneering act when it comes to preventing addictions in a professional environment.

    Codein Drogentest DrugWipe Opium positiv

    Drug saliva screening test DrugWipe® 5 S

    What are the reasons that led to you including the DrugWipe® test in your offer?

    The technology must be viable and effective. With the DrugWipe test, we are certain that our screenings take place in an environment of trust due to the excellent quality of the products. The interaction with the
    employees is short, hygienic and non‑invasive. The ergonomics of the test, the speed of results being displayed in 5 minutes, the ease with which results can be read and their viability are extremely important criteria to ensure our staff can offer a quality service.

    With DrugWipe, we have succeeded in implementing a screening process that integrates prevention actions by avoiding any workflow breakdowns.

    Do you also use electronic and digital solutions?

    Yes, for blood alcohol content, 100%. It is a digital process integrated by our iThylo solution, a remote breathalyser linked to a smartphone app, and the results of which are stored on a secure extranet. This solution also includes an alert reporting system in the event of positive screening. Some of our clients also use our patented facial recognition technology to carry out remote screenings.

    iThylo breathalyser

    The technology used for drug screening does not require additional electronic equipment. The DrugWipe results are particularly easy to interpret thanks to an intuitive and clear display that makes it easy to read the results.

    For some clients, an electronic result and a printout of the result by name is indispensable for the screening process. With the digital result, we provide detailed reports about the screenings carried out. The traceability of screenings and their anonymous analysis are tools that allow further knowledge of the safety risks incurred. The automated reports in particular have let us adjust our prevention campaigns depending on the prevalence of high-risk substances and their harmful effects for work.

    What future do you see materialising for corporate prevention of alcohol and drug addictions?

    Drugs and alcohol are societal and public health problems which, unfortunately, will endure with the serious consequences that we know and which go considerably beyond the professional context. What matters is to maintain the goal of 0 work accidents in VSBs, SMBs and large companies.

    Moreover, we notice that alcohol and drugs affect all categories of employees. The young generations are somewhat more prone to consuming narcotic drugs, while their elders are more affected by alcohol consumption.

    The screenings based around prevention campaigns, considered a relatively recent and indeed disruptive phenomenon, will become the norm.


    Drug screening solutions

    DrugWipe® 5 S Saliva screening WipeAlyser®
    • Pocket test for mobile use
    • Hygiene system
    • Positive response test strip
    • Viable and fast results
    • Minimum sample quantity
    • Easy and targeted use
    • Safe handling
    • Non-invasive process
    • Portable analytical equipment
    • Documentation of results
    • Use with DrugWipe S
    • Intuitive handling
    Codein Drogentest DrugWipe Opium positiv DrugWipe Speicheltest Drogen