PRESS RELEASE: Roadpol – Strong partnership for greater road safety

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    PRESS RELEASE: Roadpol – Strong partnership for greater road safety

    PRESS RELEASE: Roadpol – Strong partnership for greater road safety

    The goal is simple – reduce road deaths

    Neubiberg, September 2021. 70 per day. That’s the average daily number of road deaths in Europe right now. And governments and dedicated non-governmental organisations are using various approaches to reduce this figure further. For example, the “European Roads Policing Network”, or Roadpol for short, and LPH, the “Landesinstitut für Präventives Handeln” (State Institute for Preventative Action) are running road safety campaigns. Securetec is a Roadpol partner and recently attended the LPH Expert Meeting.

    Roadpol is a network of European traffic police forces that aims to reduce the number of deaths on European roads. Its flagship campaign is an annual event called “Safety Days”. It involves several campaigns that are run simultaneously across Europe to improve road safety. Last year, there were zero road fatalities in 16 European countries on the main day of the event. This year, the Safety Days took place in mid-September. Securetec is a key Roadpol partner and actively supports Safety Days and other events, such as drug screening marathons.

    This year, Roadpol won the “Award for Excellence in Traffic Safety”, an internationally renowned policing prize, for the successes it has enjoyed in increasing road safety. According to Roadpol president Volker Orben: “This award provides clear recognition of Roadpol as a leading policing organisation, not only in Europe but also on a global scale.”

    Preventing pain and suffering is also top of the agenda for Heinz-Albert Stumpen, General Secretary of Roadpol: “Traffic policing, more than any comparable field of activity, has the potential to successfully protect our citizens and communities.”

    Drug Detection Expert Meeting 2021

    In mid-September this year, the State Institute for Preventative Action hosted its 13th Drug Detection/Addiction Prevention Expert Meeting. Presentations and lectures offered perspectives from police officers, the legal field and the corporate world, while hands-on workshops presented the latest findings on the topic. Representatives from Securetec attended the event.

    Securetec Detektions-Systeme AG has been striving to improve road safety and reduce road fatalities and injuries since 1995. The company has been selling rapid screening drug tests on an international level for more than 25 years. Verena Zimmerman, CEO of Securetec, says “We are proud to play an important role in contributing to personal and public health and safety on a global scale”.

    For more information, see and Roadpol Safety Days Pledges

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    Securetec is a partner of the annual Safety Days, organised by Roadpol. The DrugWipe® rapid drug tests support the officers.

    Available from Securetec Detektions-Systeme AG
    Global leader Securetec has been a pioneer of drug detection since 1995. Today, the DrugWipe brand stands for maximum reliability combined with simple and hygienic handling. The saliva test has proven itself among professional users such as traffic police, customs officials and the public security sector worldwide, and is currently used in more than 30 countries on 6 continents.

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