DrugWipe® - Accurate confirmation of suspected drug use


Now with a reduced testing time and higher sensitivity

The new DrugWipe® 5 S reduces the time required to perform the saliva test to 5 minutes, while simultaneously increasing its sensitivity to cannabis.

5 ng/ml THC in 5 minutes

These are the new vital statistics of DrugWipe® 5 S for the psychoactive substances Δ9-THC and 11-Hydroxy-THC. The THC concentration detected is equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

DrugWipe® 5 S in action

Securetec has submitted DrugWipe® 5 S to a battery of QA tests in our own lab. However, the acid test is to see how well it performs in roadside screening and other real-world applications. And so we tested the new DrugWipe® 5 S at a large music festival in Germany and at an outpatient drug treatment unit. Thanks to the test's enhanced sensitivity to cannabis, the results were impressive:

DrugWipe® 5 S  
Sensitivity [%] 97
Specificity [%] 95
Accuracy [%] 97

See for yourself – give the DrugWipe® 5 S a test run.


Infobox: How do you measure the performance of a drug test?

A rapid screening test can return one of two results:

  • Positive = the drug was detected.
  • Negative = the drug was not detected.

At the same time that the rapid screening drug test is performed, a saliva or blood sample is taken from the person being tested and is sent to a lab for more in-depth testing for the drug. The two results are then compared. If the quick screening result and the lab result match, you have a true positive or true negative result. If the quick screening result and the lab result don't match, you have a false positive or false negative result. This comparison gives us the key figures of sensitivity, specificity and accuracy:

  • Sensitivity indicates how many of the positive results in the lab were also detected as positive in the rapid screening test.
  • Specificity indicates how many of the negative results in the lab were also detected as negative in the rapid screening test.
  • Accuracy combines sensitivity and specificity. Accuracy indicates the proportion of results that were correct, regardless of whether they were positive or negative.

Essentially, the higher these key figures are, the better the drug test.