DrugWipe® 5 S Used by Spanish Police with Great Success

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    DrugWipe® 5 S Used by Spanish Police with Great Success
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    DrugWipe® 5 S Used by Spanish Police with Great Success

    The DrugWipe 5 S saliva test is extremely effective in detecting cannabis consumption, detecting concentrations of 5 ng/ml THC. This is comparable to a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in an Olympic-size swimming pool. The test is not only able to detect traces of the psychoactive substances Δ9-THC and 11-Hydroxy-THC with greater sensitivity than previous products, the test itself takes less time. In five minutes or less it produces a definitive result. Previous tests took eight minutes.

    In the second half of 2016, the Spanish police department tested DrugWipe 5 S as part of roadside testing. And the results are in.

    Spain is an interesting candidate for field screenings with the improved quick screening test because the country’s statutory regulations support large-scale saliva quick screening tests. The Spanish police may conduct preventative screenings without initial grounds for suspicion. Specific locations and times are chosen to achieve an exemplary and deterring effect. “Drug screening anywhere, anytime” is the motto. The police tactics in Spain are designed to promote deterrence through screenings without initial grounds for suspicion to reduce the risk drugs pose to road safety.

    Drivers tested positive in Spain from 2007 to 2009: Drugs or medication were detected in 3 of every 4 cases. Over 40%
    of those drivers who tested positive had consumed cannabis. Source: DRUID study

    Success Through Speed and Accuracy

    The goal of the Spanish police departments when evaluating DrugWipe 5 S was to reduce the duration of the test and costs associated with drug screening. The entire process, including documenting and securing legal evidence, should take no more than 30 minutes for a positive result, thereby becoming significantly more efficient.
    Results from using the new DrugWipe 5 S exceeded expectations in roadside screening in Spain. A positive THC test line was very frequently visible within the test’s first one to two minutes, sometimes after only 30 seconds.
    Especially important to note is that a positive result that appears even before the full 5 minutes for the test have elapsed is valid. It remains unchanged during the rest of the test and can be used immediately as the final result.
    The Spanish legislation for drug screening stipulates that a positive screening requires analytical confirmation by a second saliva sample in the lab, meaning saliva instead of blood is used in the confirmation analysis. The accuracy and reliability of the quick screening is a critical factor, because a false positive ties up unnecessary administrative resources. As a matter of fact, a field test showed that all positive THC results with DrugWipe 5 S were confirmed as positive by the lab analysis.

    Conversely, all drivers who tested negative for THC with DrugWipe 5 S also had negative lab results, meaning that the new DrugWipe demonstrated a sensitivity and specificity of 100%.
    The speed of DrugWipe and the ease of the evidential process using saliva make it possible for the Spanish police to use frequent screenings to achieve greater visibility and a high deterrent effect. Drug screenings have become suitable for everyday use and can be easily integrated in the daily routine.