Reducing deaths and injuries on the roads: The ETSC’s drug driving project receives funding from Securetec.

The initials ETSC stand for the European Transport Safety Council. It is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation that has been committed for 25 years to reducing the number of those killed and injured in traffic accidents in the European Union (EU).

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WipeAlyser® results in black and white


The ideal mobile device for roadside screening and drug screening in the workplace.

Robust, shock-resistant and equipped with splash water protection, the WipeAlyser is ideal for outdoor use. Speed, intuitive handling and an ergonomic design are some other distinguishing features of this latestgeneration mobile analyser.

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WipeAlyser® mobile device for roadside screening with DrugWipe

Current MDMA consumption


Ecstasy is back

In the late 1980s, MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy methamphetamine), commonly known as ecstasy, became the drug of choice on the rave scene. Due to its stimulating and euphoria-inducing effects, its use was a regular feature at techno music events. Later, the drug, like this musical genre, seemed to fall out of fashion. Up until 2010, there was a significant reduction in seizures of MDMA.

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MDMA-Kristalle, Reinheit 84 %, © Wikimedia Commons

Britain launches pre-Christmas campaign for greater road safety


The Department for Transport is not willing to simply accept the current high numbers of victims of accidents on British roads. For two years, its social media campaign THINK! has been raising awareness of road safety hazards on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. One central strand of THINK! is a campaign against drink and drug driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol has been a hot topic and a focal point for roadside testing for many years.

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Britain launches pre-Christmas campaign for greater road safety

Joint or Cookies? DrugWipe detects any type of cannabis consumption


The use or legalisation of cannabis is a hot topic in many countries, Canada and the UK being two current examples. In the United States, 8 states already passed laws to legalise cannabis. But one thing is indisputable: THC, the psychoactive agent in hashish and marijuana, impairs a person‘s ability to safely operate a vehicle or machinery.

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DrugWipe detects any type of cannabis consumption - Joint or Cookies

Australia – a systematic fight against drug driving


Any driver in Australia can expect to be drug-tested at any time. The State of Victoria introduced random roadside screening with the DrugWipe quick screening test in 2004. Since then, all states have implemented this consistent policy of educating and deterring drivers. A study undertaken by the Accident Research Center at Monash University in Victoria between 2005 and 2009 demonstrated just how successful this approach has been.

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Drug test warning in Victoria

DrugWipe® 5 S Used by Spanish Police with Great Success


The DrugWipe 5 S saliva test is extremely effective in detecting cannabis consumption, detecting concentrations of 5 ng/ml THC. This is comparable to a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in an Olympic-size swimming pool. The test is not only able to detect traces of the psychoactive substances Δ9-THC and 11-Hydroxy-THC with greater sensitivity than previous products, the test itself takes less time. In five minutes or less it produces a definitive result. Previous tests took eight minutes.

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DrugWipe® 5 S Used by Spanish Police with Great Success

DrugWipe® - Accurate confirmation of suspected drug use


Now with a reduced testing time and higher sensitivity

The new DrugWipe® 5 S reduces the time required to perform the saliva test to 5 minutes, while simultaneously increasing its sensitivity to cannabis.

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DrugWipe® 5 S - 5 ng/ml THC in 5 minutes

DrugWipe® 6 S Benzodiazepine


More sensitivity, more reliability

Just 5 ng per 1 ml of saliva – that's the new detection limit of the DrugWipe® 6 S for benzodiazepines, making the test now more sensitive by a factor of 4.

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Are urine tests useful?


What are the differences between saliva and urine tests? In our last newsletter, we shone the spotlight on saliva tests for drug screening. This time, we're focusing on drug screening with urine tests and the potential that exists for manipulating samples. We also take a look at how things are done in different countries.

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Saliva – the best option for drug tests?


What are the differences between saliva and urine tests? What is each test best for? We deal with these questions in more detail in this and the next newsletter.

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Ketamine drug test - DrugWipe® 6S


New saliva test for popular party drug:

Ketamine is not a new drug, and the misuse of this substance as an intoxicant has been spreading outside of Asia for many years. In Europe, too, this party drug is regarded as a less expensive and supposedly harmless alternative to cocaine. Selling at a price of 30 euros per ampoule or 40 euros per gramme, ketamine is indeed much cheaper1.

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Ketamine finding trough customs investigation

DrugWipe® detects Croc


The drug Crocodile, called „Croc" for short, which has been well-known in Russia for some years, has now spilled over to Germany as well. More countries in Europe are affected. The drug's active substance is desomorphine, an euphoriant morphine derivative from the group of opioids. 

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DrugWipe® detects Croc