Antigen tests are now a matter of course

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    Antigen tests are now a matter of course
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    Antigen tests are now a matter of course

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    Almost everyone uses antigen tests, has already benefited from their effectiveness and knows what they involve. Thanks to its use in COVID-19 rapid tests during the pandemic, a method that once seemed so alien is now a normal part of daily life. And other applications and fields of uses are benefiting from antigen tests too.

    In recent years, most people have learned how to take a COVID‑19 rapid antigen self-test and read the results. Faith in their effectiveness has increased, and their ease of use has even convinced people who previously wanted nothing to do with such tests.

    Most people never encountered an antigen test in pre-COVID times. The antigen testing method was only used by family doctors to test for flu and streptococcal infections, in pregnancy tests and in rapid screening drug tests.

    Of course, these uses still persist today but, due to the huge increase in the use of antigen testing during the coronavirus pandemic, the tests and the method on which they are based are much better understood and accepted. The term “antigen test” no longer frightens anyone, and taking one is considered no big deal. Everyone understands what a “control line” and “test line” are.


    DrugWipe delivers reliable test results

    The DrugWipe quick screening drug test is what is known as a “lateral flow test”. The methodology is based on a reaction that follows the lock-and-key principle. This principle describes the perfect fit that exists between the shape/structure of a drug and its corresponding antibody. The test only shows a positive result if the drug and the antibody fit together perfectly.

    This new sense of familiarity also takes away a lot of the fear associated with taking a saliva test during roadside drug screening. Drivers now understand what type of test is being used. It looks familiar and the steps involved come as no surprise. In most cases, there’s no need to provide long-winded explanations of the result. Police officers also benefit from greater ease of communication with drivers who are under suspicion. The person doing the testing knows they can rely on a familiar tried and tested principle. Meanwhile, the person who is being tested doesn’t need to go through any new and unfamiliar procedures during this already stressful situation.

    What is an antigen test?

    Antigen tests are rapid tests that are used, for example, to detect bacterial infections, pregnancy or drug consumption. These tests are not only suitable to be administered by medical professionals and suitably trained laypeople – they can also be taken as a self-test. An antigen test detects molecules or proteins that indicate the presence of drugs, coronaviruses or other disease-causing pathogens. It is based on a sample of bodily fluid – saliva, mucous from the back of the throat and nose or urine. Inside the test is a medium containing an antibody, which binds to the antigen (the drug or coronavirus, for example) from the sample and triggers a colour reaction. There are two indicators. A control line indicates that the test has worked correctly. A second coloured line, the test line, indicates a positive result. If no second line appears, the test is negative. Antigen tests for the detection of COVID-19, for example, have now become mass-produced items, usually originating in Asia. Rapid screening drug tests from Securetec, on the other hand, are made in Germany and are certified accordingly. During the certification process, the test’s detection of THC, cocaine, morphine, amphetamine and methamphetamine are tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The accuracy of the tests is between 97% and 100%.

    Speicheltest DrugWipe S

    DrugWipe© is an antigen test for detecting drugs. It detects cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines, methamphetamines, heroin, ketamine and benzodiazepines.


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