Road safety and drug driving

The number of traffic-related deaths in Germany and Europe has been declining for decades. This trend is due in particular to leading-edge safety technologies and widespread alcohol testing and speed monitoring. Driving under the influence of drugs represents a major threat to road safety. Unfortunately, accidents resulting in casualties and fatalities are often caused by the effects of controlled substances. Experts believe that a large number of cases go undetected, as drug use has become a permanent feature of our society. The number of accidents caused by modern recreational drugs in particular, but also prescription drugs such as sleeping pills and sedatives, has risen across many regions.

Today, both our personal and public safety are exposed to numerous threats. To ensure effective protection against these threats, we must be able to assess their scope and type accurately. Drug tests allow rapid on-site detection and form part of prevention policies. Securetec AG provides products for the detection of addictive and dangerous substances. We are proud to play a part in contributing to personal and public safety. With DrugWipe® rapid screening drug tests from Securetec AG, suspicions of drug abuse can be quickly and reliably confirmed at roadside checks. Thanks to leading-edge antibody detection technology, the test is based on saliva. This method offers many advantages over urine sampling and is much more acceptable for both the officers and the individuals being tested.

The costs of laboratory tests ordered by mistake have to be met by the police station, which increases the costs of checks and puts pressure on already tight budgets. Due to the very specific nature of DrugWipe® and its detection of drug consumption, the results of the rapid screening tests are confirmed reliably by the laboratory tests that are required in order to make results admissible in court. This makes roadside checks and laboratory tests more efficient.

DrugWipe® offers officers many advantages for roadside testing:

  • Test results are available after just 3-8 minutes
  • Up to 6 substances can be detected in a single test
  • Samples are taken simply and hygienically
  • Highly specific antibodies guarantee reliable detection
  • The costs of roadside checks and laboratory testing are substantially reduced

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