Ketamine drug test



Ketamine drug test

Key features of the new quick screening test:

  • Fast test results: Results can be interpreted in 3 to 8 minutes max.
  • Developed as a reliable, highly sensitive saliva test.
  • Detects the following drug groups: Cannabis, amphetamines/methamphetamines, ketamine, cocaine, opiates.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is not a new drug, and the misuse of this substance as an intoxicant has been spreading outside of Asia for many years. In Europe, too, this party drug is regarded as a less expensive and supposedly harmless alternative to cocaine. Selling at a price of 30 euros per ampoule or 40 euros per gramme, ketamine is indeed much cheaper1.
While customs seizures2 and the EU Drug Report 2012 provide clear evidence of the prevalence of this drug, no suitable quick screening tests for the specific detection of ketamine have been available until now. This is why Securetec has now developed a new saliva test, the DrugWipe® 6 S Ketamine multi-test. To the best of our knowledge, confirmation analysis using a blood sample is the generally established method.

1 “Drogensituation Deutschland 2011/2012” (“Drugs Situation in Germany 2011/2012”), national REITOX report submitted to the EBDD
2 “Illegal trade in ketamine uncovered”, 3 June 2011,

Image source: © Zollfahndungsamt Frankfurt/Main

Optimal support in efficient screening

DrugWipe® S test is robust. The test cassette is designed for a safe transport.
All results remain valid for 10 minutes after the test is completed.
Easy, quick and hygienic handling with lowest sampling volume and colour indicator.

Die wichtigstens Vorteile gegenüber Urintests

Avoids any invasion of privacy
Tamper-proof samples
Optimum monitoring of sample-taking procedure

Service & training

On-site training
Phone support
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