Border Control – Raising initial suspicions

Drug detection in drug enforcement

Ensuring effective and efficient protection against illegal imports and drug trafficking in economies with high levels of imports and exports is impossible without the latest technologies and systems. Securetec AG works in close cooperation with agencies both within and outside of Germany to develop detection systems that provide ideal support to customs officials, border guards and drug enforcement officers.

The rapid advance of crystal meth consumption in Germany highlights just how urgently appropriate solutions to combat drug trafficking are needed. The amount of crystal meth confiscated increased more than ten-fold between 2009 and 2013. In recent years, minor seizures at or near borders have been increasingly accompanied by major seizures in cities such as Karlsruhe, Stuttgart or Munich. The drug is easy to manufacture and this is often done in small private labs. In 2013, 261 crystal meth laboratories were put out of action in the Czech Republic; the figure for Germany was 23 1. At the same time, the number of cases presenting for addiction counseling services in Saxony almost tripled between 2009 and 2013.

Surface and wipe tests provide valuable support to enforcement officers here. Thanks to leading-edge antibody detection technology test systems can now reliably detect and identify even the tiniest trace quantities of target substances. This applies to detection on surfaces as well as the screening of freight containers.
It is also possible to detect and identify invisible drug traces within a few minutes during individual checks.

1 Reitox 2014 Annual Report, National Report “The Czech Republic 2013 Drug Situation” 

Drug screening for prisoners and parolees

An additional area of application is the detection of drug consumption among prisoners and those on probation. DrugWipe® wipe tests are an important tool in this area also for detecting possession, trafficking and consumption of illegal substances and for supporting rehabilitation. Officials can use the device quickly, easily and reliably to investigate suspicious cases. An added benefit for use in rehabilitation: Unlike urine tests, sweat and saliva tests are not humiliating interventions and are significantly more hygienic to use for both parties.

There is a DrugWipe® test for each of the globally dominant classes of drugs.

DrugWipe® offers officers many advantages in the detection of traces or clues:

  • Fast: The test result is available in just 3 to 8 minutes
  • Efficient: Up to 5 substances can be detected reliably in a single test
  • Accurate: Highly specific antibodies guarantee reliable detection
  • Specific: The targeted process clearly assigns any drugs found to a specific person

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