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We are manufacturer of the rapid drug screening test DrugWipe® used worldwide by police and customs and offer you 20 years of extensive development experience in lateral flow technology.

Testing before an accident happens
Roadside and Workplace Testing: We are manufacturer of the leading saliva drug test DrugWipe used by traffic safety, customs and drug enforcement authorities.
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DrugWipe® @DrugWipeGlobal
December 11, 2019
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DrugWipe Dual UK@DrugWipeDual
DrugWipe Dual, an inoffensive workplace drug screen sampling both skin and saliva resulting in a longer window of detection similar to urine. Supplied by DTec.
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@DrugWipeDual: A great article from Fleet News on the subject of random testing for drugs & alcohol. Sadly these stats are a little out of date. The problem is becoming much worse as drug driving arrests are believed to be almost double those for drink driving this year. https://t.co/EwEYFeNWHq
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