Employee drug testing

Employee drug testing

Signs of drug abuse

Attitude towards work and social behaviour Physical effects
Increased sick leave Problems with balance
Declining quality of work Slowed reactions
Reckless behaviour Increased risk-taking
The worry, all employees are under general suspicion Sensitivity to glare

See – understand – act

Active steps to prevent addiction

A wide range of life situations may trigger changes in the behaviour of your employees. Individual signs do not automatically indicate a problem with alcohol or drugs. All too often, people turn a blind eye to this taboo subject, or acknowledge it reluctantly. There are good reasons to take action at an early stage.

We will inform you about how these issues fit into criminal law, employment law and civil law contexts. Provisions and directives (e.g. issued by trade associations) may also be of relevance. Getting the right information is the first key step. This is the only way to open up a dialogue, because warning signs can only be assessed on the basis of an open and honest discussion with the person involved. Protect yourself and your employees, in particular if you are exposed to high potential risks.

Drug screening for new employees or for employees showing signs of problems may prove to be a useful enhancement to your security measures.

Securetec will help you to establish the right concept for your company or institution.

Ignore the issue or take action?

Why do we so often turn a blind eye to these issues?    
Reasons to take action
A taboo subject that is easier if taken lightly Wrong decisions
The desire to avoid becoming caught up in conflict Overestimations
Ignorance – it’s not my problem Isolation of the addict
Extra work for other employees and a negative workplace environment