Drug Squad and forensic solutions

Patrols and suspicious situations

The DrugWipe® A wipe test detects residues of drugs that are invisible to the human eye. Traces of drugs on mobile phones, steering wheels, pockets or other surfaces can be detected accurately within just 8 minutes. The trouser pocket test is easy for officers to use and its compact design means it can be easily transported in the police car. The wipe test helps with random checks to confirm initial suspicions hygienically, quickly and cost-effectively.


Was drug use the cause of the accident? The DrugWipe® A surface test helps to establish the cause of an accident.
If the vehicle tests positive in a contamination test, additional testing of the person who caused the accident can be initiated.


The range of drugs being consumed is changing and new substances are coming on to the market. Many of these are manufactured in Europe in illegal drug laboratories. In 2012, for example, 235 crystal meth laboratories were put out of action in the Czech Republic; the figure for Germany was 24.

The DrugWipe® A wipe test can take samples from any surface and help corroborate suspicions and confirm the presence of controlled substances.


An additional area of application is the detection of drug consumption among prisoners and those on probation. Here is a DrugWipe® wipe test used at a package check. Drug wipe tests for taking samples from surfaces are an important tool in detecting possession, trafficking and consumption of illegal substances and supporting rehabilitation. Officials can use the device quickly, easily and reliably to investigate suspicious cases.