Alcohol Tester


Accurate measurement of breath alcohol concentration

AlcoQuant® 6020 plus 

The compact breath analyser AlcoQuant® 6020 plus sets standards in accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Easy to handle

Intuitive software and menu controlled by three buttons only. Self-guided user interface. Ergonomic device for a safe handling.

Fast results and guarantied performance

Accurate measurement and device safety by latest sensing technology. Short measurement time.

Hygienic and tamper proof system

Extremely hygienic for both users and persons tested. Blown in exhaled air is directed away from the operator. The device continuously monitors the sample-in process.


SKU: 039-AlcoQuant
Product name & usage:

Mobile Instrument for Measurement of Breath Alcohol Concentrations

Package:1 instrument including 25 single-use mouth pieces in a transport case
SKU: 038-Mouthpieces
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Single-use mouth pieces


Package:25 Pieces
SKU: 036-Transportcase
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Additional transport case

Package:1 Piece