DrugRead® lateral flow reader

Advantages for Using DrugRead® Lateral flow reader

  • User-friendly interpretation of DrugWipe® tests
  • Objective and documented DrugWipe® results 
  • Mobile and reliable drug screening 
  • Timer-controlled test run
  • Offers precise time keeping
  • Shows a clear yes or no result

Site of operation

  • Roadside control
  • Checkpoints
  • Police departments

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Main Features

Instrument Opto-electronical photometer for analysis and documentation
Housing Robust design and solid technology 
Time control Handheld device with acoustical and optical alarm
User interface Easy to use touch screen with high brightness
Software / Language Customisable for each country
Battery performance Approx. 300 measurements
Data storage Documentation of 5.000 results incl. personality data 
Interface Bluetooth (printer),  USB (for saving results on PC)
Calibration Automatic unit self-test
Temperature range To use by the same temperatures like DrugWipe® S (from +5 ° to +40 ° Celsius)
Weight ~ 800 gram



SKU: DR100
Product name & usage:

DrugRead® is the combined mobile lateral flow device for the DrugWipe® saliva test

Package:Carry box, optional Bluetooth printer